Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mercy Killing

I love Christmas as much as the next person.  Maybe more.  But the time comes when even I have to say enough is enough.

I confess - I stopped watering it.  It was a big beautiful showstopper on the porch but a recent windstorm broke half of it off and I'm neglecting it now.  Sorry poinsettia, your time has come.  It's always awkward to have one of you around in the Spring.  Now you're going to the plant graveyard out by my potting bench.  Rest in peace.

Do you ever just let something go?  On purpose?  How long do your poinsettias last?

3 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Melissa said...

Yes I do - I finally had to put my massive pony tail palm in the garage in the winter (sub-zeros) to kill it. Those things will last forever.

Tami said...

I have killed - intentionally or not - nearly every plant indiginous to the Midwest. I have the most un-green thumb ever, so I'll spare you my gardening tips. :) Bet the poinsettia was gorgeous in it's day.

Sarah said...

This is too funny....I have a twin poinsettia of yours sitting dead in my living room as I write. I stopped watering it as well! :-)

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