Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh no. Not again

Drama Girl went on a hike with a friend yesterday.  She came home with something behind her back.

"Guess what mom!"

The mind races.  Did she find a million dollars? Bring me ice cream?  Paint a picture?

No such luck.  The hidden hand held a tupperware container with this inside:

A lizard.  Here we go again.  I'm having flashbacks to all those trips to the pet store to buy live crickets.  All the time worrying about that heat lamp near the curtains.  All the expense for a tiny critter that we see outside every day.

Apparently this one is particularly enchanting because he has a blue belly.  Of all the lizards she chased that day, this one actually clung to her finger when he (she?) was caught.  Drama Girl thinks it's a baby dragon.  I think we've all seen "How to Train Your Dragon" too many times.

But she's happy, the lizard seems happy, the cats are happy to have new entertainment.  The only ones who are not happy are the crickets I think.

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Melissa said...

Funny - she seems to have an affinity for it - whatever it may be. :)

We just recently saw How To Train Your Dragon for the first time and we really enjoyed it.

The girls spent days drawing dragons.

Kandra said...

Looks like a dragon to me! :)

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