Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Does Everyone Need A Plan?

I worry about my kids and their futures.  Probably no more and no less than any other parent.  Each one is so different in their approach to life.  I guess I compare them to my own journey too much.

I was a planner.  Planned all my high school classes years ahead of time.  Planned how to get into the absolute best college I could.  Planned how to make the most out of my college experience by packing in as many classes as I could.  I worked very hard and yes, I was pretty miserable from the pressure (not all of it self-imposed) on me.

Now I look at Drama Girl and her opposite approach to her education.  She's so relaxed about the whole thing I feel like I have to worry for her.

Then today I took a look at her in her team uniform.  Of all the types of school teams one can be on, I think this one is just rather awesome.  It sums up everything about her.  Creative, spontaneous, wild imagination, and dead smart.

And then I realized. . .she'll do just fine.

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Melissa said...

I worry. I will probably continue to worry. Even though, I know I made it through (which is remarkable), I will worry.

Great photo of her - she looks all the things that you say she is.

Tami said...

I apologize for laughing at you, but that post knocked me off my chair. You and I should swap daughters. Mine (age 19) calls me at 11:30 PM to give me her plan for getting her doctorate. She's a sophomore. Can this wait till morning? Can't count the number of times she has called (late) to say she has a new brilliant idea, a new major and a new plan - only to be back to the first plan by morning.

She used to write out her wardrobe for the week on Sunday; she has a back-up planner in which she plans out how to use her first planner; she named her children and chose their sex/DOB when she was 10.

I am much more of an improv person, so naturally we clash on occasion - or constantly. Good luck to you and your girl :)

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