Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Big Kid's Favorite Day

Did you know that there is an annual "Free Comic Book Day?"  Comic book stores all over the country open their doors with a selection to entice those who might not be avid comic book readers yet.  I think it's usually in May.  My husband goes every year and takes at least one of the kids with him.  This year while they were there, they also went through the bargain bins and shopped around.  Every year they pick up more and more.

"My Favorite Martian?"  Really?  I vaguely remember this show from my childhood.  Some of these characters have been around a long time.

While I don't understand the appeal, I love that my kids and my husband have such a good time picking these out.  Now they're going to sit on the coffee table for a long time and yes, I will probably get around to reading them too.

Are you a comic book fan?  If you're on facebook you can follow free comic book day and get information about it.  While you're there, why not follow Lit and Laundry too?  See you there! 

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What A Card said...

I am a comic book fan, though I haven't done much comic book shopping since I had kids. At least around here, comic book stores aren't particularly baby-friendly. Not that they don't welcome little kids, just that there were far too many opportunities for my kids to wreak havoc. Anyway, I've been waiting and getting graphic novel collections of some series. I love the combination of art/text--it's such a lovely and interesting genre when done well. And my BIL picks up comics on free comic book day for his nephews :)

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