Monday, July 2, 2012

The Farmer's Wife's Midlife Crisis Quilt

For the past year, quilting bloggers all over the internet have been making blocks based on a book called "The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt."

The blocks are  interesting, and range from very simple to a bit more complex.  Everywhere I looked, people were posting pictures of their blocks.

So about a year ago I bought the book.  I was going to get in on this!

Life and other quilts got in the way.  But I made a Pinterest board of some of the cool blocks and helpful tips.  I started thinking about what fabrics I wanted to use.

Time passed.

More time passed.  The bandwagon continued to fill with Farmer's Wife quilts everywhere.  I thought I'd catch up.

Guess what?  The quilt-along is finishing.  All 111 blocks.  There is no more hope of catching up.  Therefore, it seemed like a good time to start.  No pressure, right? 

So here, better late than never, are my first few blocks.  I was too impatient to print out all the templates required so I just did the math in my head to cut the pieces the right size.

My quilt is going to feature a lot of hot pink.  

This one is just for me.  No matter how much the girls beg.  In fact, I'm thinking of making this my "Jubilee" quilt - 50 blocks to celebrate my 50 years.  Then I'll call it the Farmer's Wife Midlife Crisis quilt.

Bandwagons. . .I might miss them, but eventually I get where I want to go.

3 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Nann said...

I tend to find out about quiltalongs because I read a blog post by someone who is in the midst of one. Then it's too late for me to join in. (Or I have a dozen other projects underway.)

You could call your hot pink FW "Hot Flashes"!

Melissa said...

I usually miss bandwagons too. I think you should definitely make it your jubilee quilt.

Miri said...

Love the hot pink! Love the name of this quilt! I did those finicky Jane blocks and I felt like I was in a mid life crisis-hot flushes and all.

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