Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Before we're too old for fairy tales

My heart pinches a little when I look at Drama Girl and all she is doing this year.  She's already a junior in high school.  One more year and she will be out the door and gone.  Every day for her is a whirl of school and ballet and friends and work and studying hard.  Some days I hardly see her at all.

The other two aren't far behind.  I have to look up to talk to Jungle Boy now, he's so tall.  Wasabi Girl is so mature and savvy she could take the world head-on tomorrow if she needed to.

They will all be gone so soon.

Yesterday morning we were driving in the car and Wasabi Girl asked for the millionth time if we could go to Disneyland one more time before our annual passes expire.

"When would we fit in a trip?" I asked

"Mom, the quarter ended yesterday, the rest of this week nothing is happening."

"What, you mean you guys just want to skip the rest of the week of school and go to Disneyland?"

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" came the unanimous cries.

"But what about so-and-so's sleepover?  And so-and-so's party?"

"We'd rather go to Disneyland!"

"We'd have to share a room at the hotel."

"I'll sleep on the floor!"  "I'll sleep on the floor!"

"Hotels might be sold out.  There's a big Halloween promotion going on."


Here are my three big teenagers, begging to spend some time with their old mom on a vacation together.  How many more opportunities like this will there be?

So as you read this, we're in the car on the way to the Happiest Place on Earth.  My poor husband on a business trip in New York gave us his blessing and is probably shaking his head at our silliness.  We'll get him a new coffee mug.

Just one more trip.  Before we're too old for fairy tales.

4 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Laura said...

That is too cute. Have fun!!

Rosemary said...

Have a wonderful time. They grow up and move out in the blink of an eye.

Anonymous said...

I honestly teared up at this post! I am 22 and moved out of my mom's house in July (I had to live at home in order to afford putting myself through college). I moved nearly 2,000 miles away to find a job. Before I left we went to Disney World with my sister and her kids for a family vacation. It was a perfect ending before I officially went out on my own. I don't think your kids will ever be too old for fairy tales! How wonderful for you to spend this time with your kids!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful story...

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