Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Merry Kitschmas

Mrs. Claus

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Mrs. Claus

I love to decorate for Christmas.  And by "decorate," I don't mean classy centerpieces with candles and seasonal flowers.  I mean tons of completely goofy stuff that makes the house look like I still have 4 year-olds running around.

The kids insist I put out every childish toy and teddy bear.  Combine their nostalgia with my love of retro needlework and general goofiness and you can imagine how silly our house looks.

There's the needlepoint covered brick doorstop:

The outlet cover.  I swear I blocked this.  It just didn't want to stay square.  Adds to the charming idiocy of it all:

Scrooge sits in a corner disapproving of everything:

And this year I had to make this pink gingerbread tissue box cover.  So wonderfully tacky:

But my proudest addition this year is this clock.  This is why I should not be allowed to go to after-Christmas sales.  I found this last year in a bargain bin.  Imagine!  It's a Christmas cuckoo clock!

And every hour, on the hour, an elf pops out with a present in his hands and plays a Christmas carol:

My life is complete.

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Heather said...

I love all your Christmas decorating. I don't really do much decorating any time of the year, but the tree does get up eventually and a few items on the coffee table. Perhaps I should give it a bit more effort. I really have enjoyed my small projects and it would be fun to have a few more scattered around the house, perhaps hidden in surprising places, maybe with a small treat attached....

Cathi said...

Oh, your house must be an absolute delight to behold! I love that Christmas cuckoo clock -- the photos alone made me grin!

Trish said...

Oh my gosh this post made me laugh out loud! All you need is your wonderfully "colorful" Christmas sweater and you'd fit right in at my work Christmas party. ;) My favorite is Scrooge in the corner disapproving. Very Merry.

Billy said...

I too have a house that looks like four year olds still live here at Christmas. I have saved and put out every decoration my children made me when they were at pre-school and school.

I want one of those clocks too!!! LOL

Jillybean said...

The clock is awesome!

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