Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

The beginning of January is one of my favorite times of the year.  I learned years ago not to make resolutions, but to make goals instead.  When I have all my goals listed out, I feel like the year ahead is full of possibilities and fun.

First, I have a lot of quilts I really want to finish.  It's sad how many quilt tops are waiting patiently to be basted up and quilted.  Then there are so many new quilts waiting to start!  Yay!  I have big plans.

Next there are some goals to change things around in the garden.  I hate gardening, but I love flowers so it's up to me to rip out some old stuff and treat myself to some new pretty things.  If I can stay focused on how I want the yard to look, instead of how it looks now, I can stay positive about this one.  Once again, Pinterest is helping me a lot with inspiration.   My goals involve tackling just one small area at a time.

Reading goals.  I've learned that I'm not good with the online reading programs I sign up for.  I get too distracted with other books that I want to read.  So my goals this year are just to be sure I read every day.  It's a pleasure I sometimes skip in favor of answering emails or other mindless activities.  So I've started a list for myself of the various wonderful books I've been meaning to read.  I've given myself permission to change the list and just read whatever I like. 

Husband and I have a big goal of finishing off the garage this year.  Our neighbor the contractor has offered to work on this for us.  It's an oversized garage without cars inside, so we hope to adapt the space for my sewing and my husband's art.  I'm drooling over studio designs and thinking about what I want.  I'll just be so happy to have cabinets in there to store all the holiday decorations and various outdoor supplies.

This year will also reveal what lies in Drama Girl's future.  A year from now we will probably know what college she will attend.  I'm very nervous and excited about this.  Lots of trust and hope and thinking about this part of her future.

I'm off to cook up a big ham.  New Year's Eve is pretty quiet around here.  I'm just happy to welcome in a new chance to get things right.

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Melissa said...

Ooooh - I don't even want to think about having a child old enough to go to college!! Sigh - I will be a nervous wreck.

I hope you share your books and garden promise...

Tami said...

Wonderful projects! Cant wait to see the quilts and flowers. Have a wonderful new year.

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