Thursday, December 27, 2012

Secrets Revealed

Just like everyone else, I've kept a lot of secrets this Christmas season.  How fun it is to reveal everything on Christmas Day!  Here are some of the ornaments I made for friends and family.

This one was made for Jungle Boy, who plays the trumpet.

This one was for Wasabi Girl, who plays the saxophone.  Both of these are from an old cross stitch book I've had for a long time.

This one is for Drama Girl.  If you don't recognize it, it refers to a funny internet joke that's been going around for a while.  She loved it.  I hope we all understand it when we pull it out in future years.

Here's a little Mad Hatter for a dear friend of mine who always meets me on my Disneyland trips.  This was from a pattern at The Floss Box.

Now I'm ready to start another Christmas project - a big one for next Christmas.  The house is quiet because the girls are off visiting an aunt, Jungle Boy is engrossed in a new book, and my husband is nursing his annual man cold.  The latter is probably the stupidest Christmas tradition we have around here.  But every year it arrives like clockwork.  I need to go hide in my sewing space!

3 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Melissa said...

Great ornaments!!

owlfan said...

I love the ornaments! I would love to find a pattern for a bass clarinet for my son. I may have to go hunting... said...

Cute! I love ornaments that are handmade and mean something, they are wonderful to take out year after year and yours are just wonderful :)

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