Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Needlework Tuesday: Bunnies

It's the final few weeks of school and I'm spinning around as much as the first few weeks.  So many performances and things to prepare for and attend.  Today I will hardly have a chance to sit down and I'm just not sure how or when dinner is going to happen.

Through all the trips and rehearsals, I've brought along a project or two to fill the empty moments.  Some people play Angry Birds, I stitch.  Just simple things this week;

I got this little bunny done.  Not quite in time for Easter, but I'll make it into a little something for next Easter.  Cute free pattern from Ellen Maurer-Stroh.

This next piece isn't finished yet, but it's very gratifying to work on because the stitches are huge and it's going quickly.  Apparently I like bunnies.

It's a kit from Vervaco, which is a company in Belgium.  You can find these online at some shops and on eBay.  I also do this one when I have a chance to sit outside and stitch.  Requires no counting or concentrating.  Perfect for when my brain is a little frazzled.

Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather at Books and Quilts.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Lots of great finds on Pinterest this week for quilters and crafters.

Look at this beautiful quilt pattern from Laura Nownes on Etsy.  It's made from a jelly roll.  I love these colors.  I might have to get this one.  I pinned this on my "Quilt patterns and tutorials" board.

By Hook, By Hand has these adorable free doll crochet patterns:

That's pinned to my Amigurumi board.

I love pincushions.  Look at this free pattern from Join the Mood

It's a teapot!  In polka dots!  I love it.  This ones on my Crafty board.  Someday.

Warmer weather pulls me outside and I wish I had a porch to sit around on.  Look at this beauty I pinned from the blog "pink cottage."

I could just daydream all day looking at that picture.

There's a world of beautiful images and amazing links over on Pinterest.  Are you on it yet? 

Come and find me at pinterest.com/threeundertwo.  Let me know in the comments if you have boards for me to come visit!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Design Wall Monday: William Morris block 2

Here is the second of the William Morris blocks I'm working on.  Drama Girl has already claimed this quilt as one she would like to have.  I'm enjoying the machine applique, although it's very slow-going.  Stitch by stitch around each of those curves.

My "Henrietta Whiskers" quilt top is finally finished and Wasabi Girl helped me baste it this weekend.  Hestia "helped" too, although her help wasn't quite as useful.  I'm trying out bamboo batting for this one.  Somewhat thinner, but it seems to have a nice drape. 

Still making stars when I have a spare minute for my patriotic quilt.  This is the small design wall next to my sewing machine.  You can see I have some photo buttons from Wasabi Girl's softball days up there.  If you could see the rest of the design wall you'd see a lot of randomness.

Final work in progress is this doll quilt.  I spent hours and hours on Saturday cutting out tiny triangles of various sizes and then changing my mind about fabrics and cutting more triangles.  I think sometimes small-scale quilts take as much time as big ones. 

Always busy around here.  The twins are finishing up 8th grade and suddenly it seems like there are a million little things to do every day to wrap things up and get things ready for summer.  Glad I have my stitching to fall back on when I have spare moments.

Design Wall Monday is hosted by Judy at Patchwork Times.  Go and visit to see some beautiful work.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Big Kid's Favorite Day

Did you know that there is an annual "Free Comic Book Day?"  Comic book stores all over the country open their doors with a selection to entice those who might not be avid comic book readers yet.  I think it's usually in May.  My husband goes every year and takes at least one of the kids with him.  This year while they were there, they also went through the bargain bins and shopped around.  Every year they pick up more and more.

"My Favorite Martian?"  Really?  I vaguely remember this show from my childhood.  Some of these characters have been around a long time.

While I don't understand the appeal, I love that my kids and my husband have such a good time picking these out.  Now they're going to sit on the coffee table for a long time and yes, I will probably get around to reading them too.

Are you a comic book fan?  If you're on facebook you can follow free comic book day and get information about it.  While you're there, why not follow Lit and Laundry too?  See you there! 

Monday, May 7, 2012


Here's my beautiful Drama Girl ready for her big night out.  She's still only a 10th grader, but she was asked by this nice 11th grade boy from her Improv team.  I think they're adorable.

I'm still in a state of denial that I have a daughter old enough to be going to the prom, but I'm so proud of the lovely young woman she is becoming.  I overheard her ordering the boutonniere on the phone and I was so impressed with her self-assurance and independence.

The whole world is shifting, as my husband and I move ever more slightly into the background of her life.  I guess it's a good thing this all happens so gradually.  Her growing up is certainly hard on me.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The evening view

On Wednesday evenings, if I play my cards right, I have a free hour or so while Drama Girl and Jungle Boy are at ballet and Wasabi Girl is at gymnastics.  On this Wednesday night, I put my feet up, put on some Chopin and immersed myself in my stitching project.  My mind went pleasantly blank for the first time all week.  I was having a moment of bliss.

I snipped a thread and looked up, and out the window which is right next to my chair.  What did I see just inches from my nose?

Somebody was eating my roses.  Forgive the fuzzy picture - I took this one through the screened window.

I opened up the sliding glass door and took a few more shots as he slowly started walking off.

His antlers still have their velvet on them.  He wasn't particularly scared of me, but the sound of the camera clicking got his attention.  I gently shooed him out of the yard and closed the gate so he can't return and eat the rest of my roses.  It was my fault this time that the gate was open.

I love our local wildlife - as long as they don't dump our garbage cans or eat the roses.  Do you have any interesting creatures roaming around your neighborhood?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Needlework Tuesday: Snow White and a bunny

Here is my progress on Snow White.  It's been on the sidelines for a while but I'm back at it again.

I like the way the forest is coming along.  When I'm working with it, I don't see the details as well as I do when I can step back and look from a distance. 

I can't remember if I posted the bunny I crocheted for Easter.  Here he is before I pack him away.

He's a cute little guy, but the way I stitched his nose makes him look a little sad I think.  This was a free pattern at Lion Brand Yarn.

Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather at Books and Quilts.

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