Thursday, November 29, 2012

Art Deco Beauty

I haven't participated in Vintage Thingie Thursday for a while, but today I feel so lucky to have found this beautiful plate. 

It's a Homer Laughlin official souvenir plate from the International Golden Gate Exposition.  This one is from 1939.  I looked around online and there is another that is identical except the seal in the middle has 1940.  The artwork around the edge is just beautiful.

There is a purple elephant with flags behind him and various flames around him.


Also a stylized view of sunset through the Golden Gate bridge.  California poppies are all around the inner rim.

I'm glad that when I dropped some old things off at the thrift store today I took a few minutes to go inside!  This is a nice addition to my collection.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's only the rest of your life

I gave a little gift to Drama Girl yesterday.  Actually, more of a big, fat, heavy gift.  One year from now she will be up against the December 1 deadline for many college applications.  She doesn't have any idea where she wants to apply or what schools have to offer, so I got this to get her started.

I swear I remember signing her up for kindergarten like it was yesterday.  I even remember where I parked the car when I went to pick up the forms.  I was so excited.  I really can't believe how fast it has all gone by.

She still has SATs to take, and AP tests and many other things to get through.  Then we'll try to visit what colleges we can to help her see firsthand what they're like.

I'm nervous for her.  It's such a big decision.  She has so many interests now but as a parent, I know how much ideas can change at this age.

This morning after the kids left for school I found the book lying open in the family room - at the pages about Harvard.

Dream big Drama Girl!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Merry Kitschmas

Mrs. Claus

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Mrs. Claus

I love to decorate for Christmas.  And by "decorate," I don't mean classy centerpieces with candles and seasonal flowers.  I mean tons of completely goofy stuff that makes the house look like I still have 4 year-olds running around.

The kids insist I put out every childish toy and teddy bear.  Combine their nostalgia with my love of retro needlework and general goofiness and you can imagine how silly our house looks.

There's the needlepoint covered brick doorstop:

The outlet cover.  I swear I blocked this.  It just didn't want to stay square.  Adds to the charming idiocy of it all:

Scrooge sits in a corner disapproving of everything:

And this year I had to make this pink gingerbread tissue box cover.  So wonderfully tacky:

But my proudest addition this year is this clock.  This is why I should not be allowed to go to after-Christmas sales.  I found this last year in a bargain bin.  Imagine!  It's a Christmas cuckoo clock!

And every hour, on the hour, an elf pops out with a present in his hands and plays a Christmas carol:

My life is complete.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cookie Quilt is Done!

I finally finished up my cookie and candy Christmas quilt.  This one is flannel and really heavy and cozy.  The sweets are all wool.    This was a pattern I got from Thimblecreek. You can find it here.

I've made three big flannel quilts in the past couple of years and I'm going to try to resist them for a while now.  They really are a big pain to wrestle with and quilt.  This one is pretty heavily quilted, with feathers in the green sections.  I'm sure it would have been fine with a lot less.  I'm looking forward to working with nice thin cottons again.

Wasabi Girl told me that I finished this one "fast."  "I saw that up on your design wall just a few months ago."  That doesn't seem fast to me.  It felt like this one took forever.

Finishing this a good start for my holiday crafting season.  This week I'm going to be deciding on some ornaments to stitch up for gifts.  I think I might be able to finish one more quilt and make a few small gifts.

I can't believe I have friends who have already finished their Christmas shopping.  I'm still trying to start!  I'm not much of a Black Friday shopper any more.  Too much craziness for me.  I'd rather eat leftovers and sew.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Fall handiwork

Wasabi Girl has joined the knitting club at school.  They have taught her to knit - something I wasn't successful at.  I think it's a lot more fun to do with friends.  Here is her first finished piece, a baby blanket that she is donating to charity.  All of the kids in the club are making these small blankets.  Very sweet.  She actually got it done pretty fast.  I'm so proud of her.  She's already started on another one.

Time for some new seasonal coasters.  I found this pattern on pinterest.  You can find the instructions here.

Wasabi Girl thought it was outrageous that I didn't have an appropriate tea towel for the Thanksgiving season so I made this one:

I had the trim left over from a Halloween project last year.

This cute little guy is available as a free pattern from Bird Brain Designs. 

Finally, I finished up the top for my "Finally Fall" quilt.

It's pretty big.  Wasabi Girl is holding out her arms as far as she can.  I'm hoping to get this one quilted up before Fall is over.  Sorry about the bad lighting in the picture.  I'll get better pictures when it's daylight again.

I'm still stubbornly refusing to let Christmas sneak into the house, although I do have some Amaryllis bulbs in plain pots that are sprouting.

I get to cook Thanksgiving this year.  One of my favorite things to do.  So glad it's my turn again.  Are you cooking or traveling this year?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Moving through Fall

I'm a big proponent of celebrating one holiday at a time.  Halloween was big around here in terms of decorating and music and a big party.  It all got put away on November 1st so Thanksgiving could have its turn.  Poor forgotten Thanksgiving.  I always associate it with family and a day of relaxing (all cooking aside).

The banner above is wool, and I finished it in time for the season.  The house seems empty after the stacks of Halloween quilts disappeared.  I've been told I need to make more Thanksgiving quilts.  Hmmm.

The turkey china came out for November as well.  We wont see our regular dishes again until sometime in January when I put away the Christmas china.

Lots of little Fall touches around the house.  Deep breath.  Christmas can wait for now. 

Do you give much attention to the Thanksgiving holiday?  I would love some more ideas on how to make it special.

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