Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another literary win

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Truth Universally Acknowledged
I couldn't be more excited. It's absolutely true that Drama Girl has always made it clear how much she dislikes my favorite book.  In part I suspect it was part of a general separation from anything that mom found cool. 

But as Elizabeth Bennet would say all that is behind us now.  My pride and her prejudice have reconciled over this wonderful event.

Funny thing, the whole family kept it a secret from me that she was auditioning for this.  I knew she was trying out for a production, but she never really answered questions about it and let me think it was another student-written play.

Guess who's studying every page of the book now? 

I'm trying so hard not to gloat.  All I can say is, watch out Mr. Darcy;  if anyone was born to play the smart, bookish, opinionated Elizabeth, it's Drama Girl.

Here's another picture of the sampler hanging by my harp:

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Melissa said...

Oh - funny, funny, funny. Yeah for success both Mom and Daughter's.

Can't wait to see her in costume!!

annettesquilts said...

Pride and Prejudice, best book ever written. I hope you're only laughing on the inside.

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