Friday, March 15, 2013

Subtle Messages

There are days when I am juggling so many things that my brain hurts.  Sure I'll drive you to your play rehearsal.  Sure I'll order some more ballet shoes.  Sure I'll run to the music store to get new reeds for your saxophone.  Sure I'll reschedule dinner because you have to work late.

Everyone deserves help.  But some poor souls just don't nag loud enough.  Like this plant.  Seriously, it is right in the middle of a main traffic area.  I see it 100 times a day.  I remind myself I need to water it every single time.  But obviously, I'm slow.  Poor thing.  It always perks all the way back up as if nothing happened.  Definitely the most forgiving of my naggers.

Then I found this:

Apparently I have been very negligent about baking cookies or muffins or anything for the cake stand.  There is now a rubber dragon in there with a plastic drumstick.

I think it's some sort of hint.

1 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Tami said...

I have had several of those plants over the years. They are the most forgiving things!

And I love the dragon on the "treat" plate. Maybe you should just leave a note saying you won't be baking for awhile because a rogue dragon has been eating all our hard work. :)

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