Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Santa's Village Progress

I've just finished the Post Office in Santa's Village.  I'm a little behind schedule getting these done if I want to have them all completed before next Christmas.  I'm enjoying the designs and the colors.  The next house is Mrs. Claus' cookie shop, which also looks pretty cute.

Busy few weeks here.  We spent Spring Break at Disneyland.  Not my first choice but the kids and husband really wanted to go.  It was too crowded for me.  I don't walk very fast since my hip replacement so I couldn't optimize my time in the park since I was always in a sea of crowds.  Ordinarily, I can plan a sequence of rides with minimal wait times if I can move easily between them.  This time I stayed in one area at a time and did the rides there if the wait times were reasonable.  I got on fewer rides and waited a little longer than usual.  Still, it was great to be at Disneyland and away from usual responsibilities.  The kids had a great time.  My husband sat and sketched at times.  I think the crowds were a bit much for him too, but he didn't complain.

Drama Girl is rehearsing almost every day for Pride and Prejudice.  The college brochures are coming fast and furious at our house and I watch her eyes glaze over as she scans them.  Not sure what her thinking is along those lines right now.  Next objective for her is to find a prom dress. 

Life just seems to move along faster and faster.  I think putting my feet up and doing needlework is my way of coping with it all.  This is done and is permanent and will never change.  These kids, on the other hand, are changing every day.  It's fun to watch them but a real challenge to keep up with it all.

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Tami said...

Oh, so true! It's good to find something that's stable and finite in the world when parenting teens. Needlework is such a good option!

I love the Santa's village. Is this a wallhanging? Where did you get the pattern?

Blessings to you in your stitching and in chasing after children.

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