Monday, June 17, 2013

Makes My Monday: Ballet Recital

Another June, another ballet recital.  Drama Girl and Jungle Boy were fabulous.  After the show, I went to the lobby to take pictures like all the other families.  There was Drama Girl, footsore from two hours in pointe shoes. She slipped on the shoes she found more comfortable - her combat boots.  So much for the illusion of grace and delicacy.  Jungle Boy had already changed out of his costume completely. 

Drama Girl will be a senior next year.  At the end of the show the seniors always get a special dance.  It gets a bit emotional as the girls realize this is their last performance with this dance school.  This year some of them were in tears as the dance began.  The audience choked up with them.  All I could think was about how this will play out next year.  I will be a wreck watching her up there.  I have a year to prepare myself I guess.

Now that this performance is over, I feel like summer can finally get started.  Hooray!  No more driving kids all over the place for a few weeks.  Time to sew.

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Rosemary said...

I just love the boots with the tutu. Will Drama Girl go on to another ballet academy when she completes her time with this one?

Cheryl Lage said...

My goodness, it makes me teary thinking about it! Your kids are wondrous..simply adore them all. :)
(and you. :) )

Teresa aka MarieSews said...

The best part of summer is not driving kids to school, Scouts, sports, and everything else. It's a real vacation! The kids are adorable combat boots and all!

Tami said...

Handsome pair - in costume or out. Those "lasts" can be tough, but there is also such a feeling of accomplishment and excitement of moving on.

There is a children's book about how we celbrate all the "firsts" (steps, teeth, words, etc.) but so many of the "lasts" we never realize are the lasts until they're over - like the last time they run to us to be picked up, or the last time they sit on our lap to read a book, or the last time we have to drive them somewhere. :) It's called Let Me Hold You Longer, by Karen Kingsbury. Check it out sometime when you have a full box of tissues and nowhere to be seen without red eyes for awhile.

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