Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Downside of the Hilltop

I really shouldn't complain about where our house sits.  We have a beautiful view that includes part of San Francisco Bay.  But if I were to sell this house, there are a few things I'd be sure to tell the new owners.  Living at the top of a hill has its drawbacks.

Kids have to play differently here.  We had a firm rule:  No balls in the front yard.  They still talk about the beloved Barbie ball that got loose and was never seen again.  Once it started bouncing away there was no hope of catching it.

Kids can't ride bikes here.  Too steep. Too many cars whizzing around blind curves.  No shoulders on the roads.

We've had to replace the brakes in our cars.  More than once.  Not cheap. 

It's not a neighborhood for walking.  Unless you're a fan of mountain-climbing.  So the kids only have a few friends close enough to walk to easily.  And no walking to and from school.  With their instruments and heavy backpacks, the hike up the mountain would just be too much.

Very few trick-or-treaters come around.

But with all of it's drawbacks, I still love this house.  It's fun to look down on the fog below some mornings.  It's fun to watch the big ships and little sailboats move through the bay.  It's fun to see deer all over the neighborhood.  So I'm grateful.  Just don't ask me how grateful I am the next time the car has to go in the shop.

5 people stopped folding laundry to write:

barbara woods said...

We watched deer walk past our living room windows this morning, a mother and two babys

Rosemary said...

I know what it's like to live on a steep property. Our last home was on top of a mountain. Our 25 acres was a series of hilltops and valleys. Cricket matches in the backyard tended to end when the ball was hit over the fence and down a steep drop to the valley behind the house. The kids just didn't want to make the long trek down there to get the ball.

Melissa said...

It is all about how it balances out, isn't it?

slow panic said...

The view sounds wonderful!

Tami said...

Pictures, please! Would love to see your view.

I understand your feeling. I love our little spot out in the country - the peace, the view, the solitude - but it has it's drawbacks too. Everything's a trade-off, I guess

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