Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas mp3 Bargains

I have a huge collection of Christmas music.  I've been a fan of Amazon's deals for years.  Maybe I can save you some hunting with a few recommendations.  It's easy to download songs from Amazon into iTunes, if that's where you keep your music.  Amazon also offers a free digital copy if you buy your music on CDs.  Here are a few to consider:

100 Classic Christmas Songs features pop songs from several decades.  Many of the retro classics were new to me but I love them now.  You'll also find all the basic must-haves from artists like Eartha Kitt, Elvis, and Bing Crosby.  Well worth the current $5.99 price.

Feeling a little more serious?  For 99 cents you can pick up this Big Christmas Box from the Bach Guild which has 13 hours of beautiful classical music.  Includes Messiah and The Nutcracker.  An incredible deal for less than what a single song usually costs.  Click on the picture to find it at Amazon.


This bargain classical album features the Vienna Boys Choir and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as well as a lot of instrumental music.  Much of it is not strictly Christmas related, but for $1.99 you will probably find a lot of seasonal music that you'll enjoy.


$5.00 gets you this collection of 16 Christmas Classics from Barbra Streisand. Or buy the CD for $7.00 and get the "autorip" mp3 version for free.

This year Amazon is again offering  25 Days of Free Music.  Check back for free tracks.  Some of these are great. 

What's your favorite Christmas album?  I love to add to my collection

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