Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Back-to-Reality Day!

I'll be honest.  For the past two weeks at least I have had no idea what day of the week it was.  Kids have been in and out of the house and sleeping over and having others over and I lost all concept of weekends.  Even my husband had a weird, fractured work schedule.

The kids still don't go back to school until Wednesday, but at least today I have a firm idea of when Wednesday is.  My husband went to work today - a good clue that it's not a weekend.  And everyone on facebook last night was talking about this, so it must have been Sunday:

We don't have cable so the kids and I will be watching it this morning via Amazon.

The house is so bare now that the Christmas decorations are down that it echoes.  A bit more needle cleanup today and then I'll start hanging a new season of quilts on the walls.

I'm sorry that so much of the country is suffering with dreadful weather right now.  We've had the windows open every day because it's been so mild here.

The New Year's small at the top of the page is a free pattern from Brookes Books Publishing.  The Downton chart is a free pattern from The Sampler Girl.

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

owlfan said...

I'm jealous of your weather! We're in the Deep South, but are supposed to hit single digits tonight. They have cancelled school for tomorrow due to extreme cold.

I don't have cable, either, but our antenna picks up PBS nicely. I just wish they would show Downton Abbey in one hour increments, both to extend the season and so it's not on so late at night. It's hard for me to stay up til 11 when I have to be at 6am (luckily not this week for me, but DH was up then).

Billy said...

I'm starting to get back to normal too. Decorations are all down and I'm planning my year of quilt making.

The little New Year's fairy cross stitch is very cute. Thank you for the link. It's summer here and we are sweltering in the heat every day. It doesn't snow here in winter sadly, but I do feel for those in the US suffering such extreme weather at the moment.

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