Thursday, February 20, 2014

Needlepoint Santa Progress

It's not snowing here but it's dull weather nevertheless.  The kind of weather that makes me appreciate tea and slipper socks and curling up with needlepoint.  This project is still in rotation and I've picked it up again.  It's nice to work with wool - it feels so good and is very different from working with floss or quilting. 

Needlepoint is just ridiculously slow.  I still need to do all the details on Santa's face and the directions are tiny and a bit confusing.  So I'm saving that for later.  I'll make this into a pillow when I'm done. 

All the kids are at school, even though it's late afternoon.  Drama Girl and a friend have written the school play for this year and today is callbacks.  In a surprising move, both Jungle Boy and Wasabi Girl auditioned for parts.  This may lead to an interesting family dynamic since Drama Girl is also the director.

I've been reading a book about introverts.  I've always known that I  am one, but there's really a lot about it that I never understood before.  Wish I'd known all this years ago.  Would have saved me a lot of self-doubt and misery.  It's an extrovert world out there, and some of us really struggle to live in it.

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