Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Post Number 1,000

This is a milestone I never expected to see.  This post is the thousandth that I've written for Lit and Laundry. 

If somebody had told me, back in April 2008 that I would have 1000 entries for Lit and Laundry I never would have believed them.  This has always been a little experiment for me, a place to hold my thoughts so I could hold on to moments in time.  A place to watch my kids grow and my creative projects evolve. I meant to write about the books I love to read but to be honest, I feel like a lousy book reviewer.  People will just have to trust me that I read a lot.

My ideas and my writing have changed over time.  Back in 2008 blogging in general was different.  We were like a small club, passing awards and badges to each other and visiting everywhere every day.  Now I see many more sleek, professional-looking blogs with gourmet recipes and diy tips worthy of Pinterest.  They're great too.  It's a big blog world out there with room for every style. 

I've watched fellow bloggers' kids grow up.  Seen tragedy strike blogging families and smiled with true joy at reading wonderful news that others have shared.  I've been inspired by projects and parties and great ideas and especially, by great writing.

But one thing remains the same from the very first post to today.  The one thing that means the most to me, and to any blogger, is the comment section.  The fact that people take a moment to stop and write a response.  These tiny nuggets can make such a difference in my day.

So thank you, dear reader for joining me, or sticking with me, or giving me a quick scan as you go through your reader.  It's nice to know you're out there.

On to the next thousand!

3 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Cheryl Lage said...

My goodness! How the time keeps slipping into the future, eh?

How all our kids have grown...

Thank you for your kind words of support...and PLEASE keep going with Lit & Laundry....truly on of my favorites! :)

Rosemary said...

I have loved following your through your life milestones, trials and tribulations (thankfully not many of those)through the years and look forward to reading more and more about your wonderful, talented family.

Congratulations on reaching 1,000 posts. I can't imagine I'll ever reach that many on my blog.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Congrats and yay! for 1000 posts. You summed up blogging then and now perfectly. The comment sections are the heart of blogging.

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