Friday, September 25, 2015

Finished for Friday: Cinderella Pumpkin Quilt

This lovely is finished.  I had fun doing the applique.  Some of the leaves are wool.  The pattern is from Fig Tree Quilts.  I love that the postmark is from nearby San Francisco.

The house is slowly getting more and more Autumn-like.  I'm holding off on the Halloween quilts and decorations until at least October 1.

This will be the last year to really enjoy the whole season through Christmas with kids in the house.  Next year the twins will be off at college.

Oh my heart.

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Laura Chaney said...

Yay for San Francisco! (I live and work here!) Also, just wanted to say that I LOVE how much you've been posting as part of this 30 day challenge! said...

So pretty ! Great job!! Enjoy your fall- the sooner the better !! My kids are out of school and still love to come home to the house dec'd out for fall!!

CathieJ said...

The Cinderella Pumpkin quilt is adorable. My son is currently finishing his PhD at Stanford. Hubby and I have had a full-time empty house for over two years now. You get used to it, but I don't like it. Especially since one child is three hours away and the other is across the country. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am now a follower of yours.

Linda Smith said...

Kids off to college? Mine are both in grad school. House is quiet all right. More time to sew. Quilts. For them. And so happy when they come to visit. #2 is coming this weekend for his birthday. Enjoy your time.

Jean Belle said...

Love the postage stamp quilt! Over the past few months I've been sorting through boxes of stamps my father saved. I'm seeing stamps in my sleep! Hope I can get through that project soon and get back to quilting.

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