Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day: Out with Summer, In with Fall

I love every change of season.  Not just the change in the weather - which hardly happens at all in this part of California - but the change in the days themselves.  Fewer hours of daylight mean more chances to see sunrises and sunsets.  More excuses to stay inside and stitch.

It is time to pack up the patriotic quilts and smalls  and pull out the Fall-themed quilts.  I'm getting better at keeping all the seasonal decorations organized.  Every year I add one or two more for each season.  I already have some Halloween things done for this year that I'll show later and I'm working on a Christmas quilt. (Follow me on Instagram - threeundertwo - if you want sneak peeks!)

Next year, when summer rolls around again, these will be waiting for me like old friends.

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