Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Moon: TUSAL time

Stitchers in the blogosphere are an amazing bunch.  I see photos of projects that I can only dream of doing someday.  They are gorgeous works of art.  Then there's TUSAL day.  The day we proudly show our garbage.  Here is mine:

TUSAL stands for "Totally Useless Stitch ALong" and is sponsored by Daffycat.  Each month, stitchers save up the orts (thread ends) from projects and take a picture.

This year I am saving my orts each month in a clear plastic ornament.  It's quite a colorful collection now, but I'm not sure if they will look interesting on a Christmas tree or not.  I might just empty them out at the end of the year and start over.  It is fun to see them lined up on my windowsill.  Some months were definitely more productive than others.  It's late now and I don't have good light, so I'll take a picture of the whole collection next month.

So behold my beautiful garbage!  If you're not a stitcher, I'll understand if you're shaking your head.

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