Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Project: Acorn Hollow

Isn't this cute for Fall?  It's called Acorn Hollow.  I spent the morning cutting out the wool felt shapes and basting them in place.  Now I get to enjoy the stitching, which is a lot more fun than the preparation.  This should stitch up quickly, but there is a border to add that will probably take me as much time as the rest of it.

I modified the pattern by putting the window fabric in back and reverse appliqueing it.  I think it looks more like windows than sticking the yellow pieces on top.

We have oak trees in the back yard and the squirrels are very active this time of year.  They go out on the ends of the branches to get acorns and in the process the branches rain down acorns and leaves all over my back patio. 

The cats are bored with the nonstop squirrel show, but I think they're cute.  Of course, I think it's less cute when I go out and find acorns buried in all of my potted plants.

Come back tomorrow to see what I've Finished for Friday.

4 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Anjela said...

Hello, again.

I think the craft image link may be broken on your blog site. So I could not check out the craft closely.

However, from what I saw of the image on Facebook, this craft is quite cute. I would love to do something with felt. Great job. Do you hand or machine stitch?

Rosemary said...

I always reverse applique windows too. I prefer the realistic look even when the applique isn't very realistic. It's a great block. Where did you get it?

I have always wondered why the acorns squirrels bury for the winter don't grow into trees, but I've just figured it out I think. Your winters are much too cold for the acorns to shoot. Here, when acorns are falling off the trees (no squirrels in Australia to harvest them and possums don't eat them)if they are planted straight away you often get little shoots up before winter sets in.

Laura Chaney said...

Super cute little scene. I think the way you did the windows is perfect.

Justine said...

So pretty and perfect for autumn. Great work!

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