Thursday, September 17, 2015

The (Almost) Final Additions to the Shrine of My Children

There is a ritual I delighted in for many years.  From the time they were babies I would periodically take my kids to a portrait place in the mall and get professional photos to mark their growth.

The photographers always got my kids to smile just right.  I always got at least one good shot of each of them.  I purchased frames and proudly displayed them on the wall.

This tradition fell off sometime in their primary years.  But I still had school photos and snapshots to display and make me smile.

The end of high school is a big milestone, so I decided to hire a professional photographer to mark the occasion.  The photos he took are simply stunning.

Now for the lucky break I want to share with you.  Right now Photobucket is having a sale on canvas prints for 80% off.  

As soon as I saw the sale I took the plunge.  (Please note, I'm not compensated by Photobucket to advertise for them - but maybe I should look into it!)

Now my hallway has these beautiful huge photo memories of each of my kids during their senior year.

Just a few more shots to finish the collection...wearing caps and gowns at graduation.  Then someday I suppose I'll have a wall of wedding photos.

I guess this shrine to my children will never be finished after all.

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

swathhebbar said...

Hi, loved the idea of getting a professional to click pictures every year to capture their growing up.. loved the pictures!

Laura Chaney said...

Love these prints, what a great idea.

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