Thursday, October 22, 2015

I've Got Your Christmas Shopping Covered

I have a new tool and I just love it.  I've seen these yarn bowls around on various blogs and so I was thrilled when Uncommon Goods offered to send me one to try.

It's handmade and it's just beautiful.    A good sized ball of yarn fits in it and the special slot keeps yarn from tangling or rolling away.

Everything at Uncommon Goods is unique and has a story behind it.  This year, forget the mass-produced gift items at the mall and browse through this extensive online catalog instead.

When I received my items, I also received some information about the craftspeople who made them.

Who wouldn't love to receive something so beautiful and personal as a gift?

In addition to the yarn bowl, I took a look at one of the tea towels they offer.  This is a great gift to have ready in case you need a hostess gift or something lovely for someone with a new home.  The fabric is a good heavy weight and the graphics are tasteful and interesting.  You can probably think of three different people to give this to right now.

What else does a tea-drinker need?  Tea of course!  I got to sample these "tea drops" which steep in the cup without a bag.

They were beautifully packaged, smell like heaven, and include the story behind them.  I dropped one into some boiling water in a cup and it brewed instantly.

Delicious!  Another good gift to have on hand for special people.

Check out the story about Uncommon Goods and their relationship with craftspeople. I'm sure you'll want to support this business that supports creative entrepreneurs.  See gifts for dad here, and gifts for kids here. If you're like me though, you might end up finding a few things you want for yourself.  I wont tell.

2 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Laura Chaney said...

All of these things are so nifty. That tea looks especially festive!

JanineMarie said...

That yarn bowl is gorgeous. Now I need to think of someone to get that for (besides me). Thanks for sharing that and the site.

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