Monday, October 12, 2015

Monster Movie Table Runner

I cut apart another panel that I have of the monster movie posters.  I picked this up last year and I liked it so much that I got extra.  Good thing, because I gave away the first quilt so now I can make another.  I played around with this rough layout on the floor.   Two of the images are larger than the rest, so I thought I would put them at the ends.

It wasn't until I had all the smaller posters put together that I realized that the two end pictures ave very different sizes.  Centering them on each end would just involve so much math.  I convinced myself that they wouldn't look good being so asymmetrical, so opted to go with a runner with just the smaller pictures.

Then I got on a roll putting it all together.  Merrily sewing and pressing.  Getting to the last green border and. . .

. . .the bobbin thread ran out just inches from the end.  Happens so often you'd think I'd fill bobbins in advance.  But no, I seem to like the frustration of stopping everything to refill a bobbin.

Then it was time to select the outer border.  This is what I'm thinking right now:

I'm going with spiderwebs.  Figuring out how wide I want to make it.  This should be finished up pretty quickly.  I do love keeping to a crafting theme during the holidays!

The next block in my Harry Potter Project of Doom quilt is Hedwig:

I love how she turned out!

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1 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Laura Chaney said...

I think this Hedwig block is my favorite one yet!

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