Sunday, November 8, 2015

Much Ado about Too Much to Do

This is perhaps the busiest season Wasabi Girl has ever experienced.  She works as a coach at the gym, she has a full academic load, she rehearses and performs with a jazz combo, she's taking several Advanced Placement classes for college, and she's writing and submitting applications for colleges.  Her schedule is exhausting for me, and I'm only a bystander.

So when she decided to audition for the school play, with all of the rehearsals and hours of commitment that entails, I was less than thrilled.  How can a 17 year old manage so many things at once?  If you've ever been involved in drama you know how much time it takes.

But here she is, and if it isn't clear to the casual observer, it is to me.  Practicing art gives us the energy to do everything else in life.  This was her escape, her well-deserved respite from the real world.  I'm so proud of her.  She knows what she can handle and what she needs. She knows how to surround herself with supportive people who help bring out the best in her.  We should all be so lucky.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Bartee Photography.

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Rosemary said...

When my daughter was in Year 6 (she was 17 years old) and working towards her Higher School Certificate exams (the exams in New South Wales that determine if you get into university and if you get to do the course there you really want), she had so many extra activities on the go that I panicked. She had her entire year all planned out on a huge calender on her wall. The only thing missing was the exams. I asked her about that and she said that the exams were going to happen regardless, the rest she had to work to complete in time. That didn't fill me with confidence but I shouldn't have worried. She passed her exams with a very high mark, allowing her to do just about any course she wanted. She chose to become a teacher and is loving it still after 18 years.

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